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Business Organization and Start-ups

A successful business is well-defined, well-organized, and well-managed. The organization’s culture includes integrity, accountability, customer service, and open communication.

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Creation of Business Plans
Organization and Training of Board of Directors
Board Orientation, 2–4-Hour Workshop

The Board of Directors has ultimate authority for the organization. The Administrator and Board must work as a team for success of the business. Offer your Board the opportunity to provide informed leadership with a broad understanding of your organization, definitions, human resources, regulations, financial and statistical data, building layout, and contracts.

  • Mission/Culture
  • Roles and Relationships - Accountability
  • Government in Health Care - Risk Management
  • Planning
  • Budget/Financial Viability
  • Technology
Develop Staffing Plan and Employee Manuals
  • Personnel Policies
    • 41-page personnel policy
    • 8 forms
    • 20 sample job descriptions
Enhance Cost-effectiveness of Existing Practices and Procedures
Utilization of Resources

If there is no “margin” there is no “mission”. A successful organization maintains clear policies on utilization of all resources including cash, human resources, supplies, and contracts and enforces them.

  • Review current purchasing, stocking, and scheduling practices
  • Train Managers and Staff to organizational goals for resource allocation
  • Measure effectiveness and use reports
  • Work with other organizations
Communication Training for Staff in Leadership Roles
Circles of Communication, 1–2-Hour Workshop

Don’t leave transfer of information to chance. Your employees understand the business and the role they play in direct relationship to your system of communication.

  • Define communication and methods of communicating
  • Explore organizational communication system—or non-system
  • Establish policies and procedures for communications
Making Meetings Work - Policy

Well-planned meetings, conducted with purpose, can move mountains. -- (almost)

  • Decide when and why a meeting is necessary and who must attend
  • Ensure participants have necessary information before, during, and after meetings
  • Establish system for dissemination of information from meetings
  • Periodically review the cost of meetings
Review of Current Policy and Procedures

Staff Management

Employees are the most valuable asset of any organization. I know you have heard that before. Quality products and profits are the result of a well-trained and dedicated work force. Retention of reliable staff should be a major goal of your business.

Review Hiring, Orientation-Training, and Scheduling Practices

An organization that respects staff and honestly includes them in the operation rather than “using them” is bound to be a winner. To represent your organization, the employee needs to understand and trust the organization.

Hiring Practices
  • Position Descriptions - Job-Specific
  • Recruitment Practices
  • Interview Practices
Training and Education
  • Orientation, Documented & Evaluated
  • In-service, Regular, Relevant
  • Scholarship program
Staff Retention
  • Communication - Inclusion
  • Clear Expectations - Performance evaluation
  • Scheduling Practices
  • Compensation
  • Recognition
Leadership Training
Management & Leadership, 4–6-Hour Workshop

The people that work for us define us. When Managers understand the business beyond the realm of their specific tasks, they are better able to meet organizational goals for present and future service.

  • Facility Organization
  • The Department of Nursing (for Nursing Service Administrator)
  • Outside Forces & Government
  • Human Resources
  • Management Techniques
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Financial Management & Budgeting
  • Quality Assessment/Performance Improvement


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Grant Writing

Some organizations rely on outside funding to start up or to maintain operations. Grant funding is available from state and federal government agencies as well as from small and large private organizations. Grant writing is time-consuming and requires close attention to guidelines established by the grantor.

  • Review of grants that are available to your organization
  • Completion of grant applications for you to submit
  • Preparation of presentation for grant committees reviewing requests
  • Provide documentation to allow tracking of grant requirements after award

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