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by Jerica Coleman

We the people, not something heard much anymore. Maybe it’s because we the people no longer exist. Instead, we are divided groups attempting to bully everyone else into doing things our way while blaming our problems on others.  The president is not the problem, the illegals are not the problem, the Democrats are not the problem, the Republicans are not the problem.  We the people are the problem. 

We complain, “They are wrong. They call us names, don’t support good things we are trying to accomplish and try to take us down no matter what. I will never support anything they do.”  Essentially doing to them what we accuse them of doing to us, while proclaiming our innocence.  One cannot be a victim while victimizing another.  If you think about negative things you’ve witnessed and believe only one group is to blame, you are the problem.  If you have ever called someone a racist, libtard, fascist, snowflake or another derogatory term because of their political stance, you are the problem.  If you tell people to leave the country if they don’t like it versus letting them express their opinions, you are the problem.

I am a bi-partisan supporter, as diversity of opinions is healthy for a country. With each party having different priorities and working together towards compromise, the nation moves forward with the best of both. When the government becomes purely partisan we the people are held hostage in an ever escalating tirade of finger pointing and public shaming.  But we the people sat by and let it happen, bouncing between media reports like ping pong balls while our nation goes careening off the cliff.

Who benefits?  The very people we elected.  When did the government by the people and for the people become the government for those in the government?  We have politicians that vote based on fear of losing their seat or fear of retribution from powerful figures, instead of focusing on doing the right thing for the nation.  We have politicians with guaranteed salaries and paid health care that will shut down the government making thousands go without, instead of working with the opposing party to take care of the very constituents that elected them.  We have politicians that use the media to spread negative coverage of opponents and then cry fake news when negative media comes back at them.

As President Abraham Lincoln once said, “A house divided against itself, cannot stand."  Many think our divided house is Democrat versus Republican, but that is wrong. Our government has whipped us all into a frenzy of partisan fighting, so we ignore the fact that the divided house is between those in power in government and the rest of us.

How can we fix it? This is a large question I alone cannot answer. I do know they will only listen if we in unison cry out demanding change. The challenge we now face is to put aside our determination to be the one that is “right” to do what is right for the country.

We the people gave the government this power, now it is time to take it back and demand they start working for us instead of themselves.



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Jerica Coleman


Tim Mathern

Great piece. "The ballot box" is the answer to you last question.

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