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Options Unlimited - We Have Choices

This autobiography describes the life of a ND farm girl in the 1940’s and ‘50’s, nursing school in the 50’s, and a professional career in rural health for over four decades while being a parent/grandparent, followed by active retirement years. Many individuals and organizations are part of this story, with family members being the most important—but not always the central figures. A preference for saying “yes” more often than “no” to options for employment and service led to a variety of settings each of which contributed to a full life. Lessons learned and shared include the values of a solid nuclear family and solid belief system, consistent acceptance of responsibility, and practice of leadership and delegation. More lessons learned in retirement centered on diversity and equity and need for changes to “the system”. The book title OPTIONS UNLIMITED—We Have Choices intentionally encourages the reader to take advantage of opportunities along life’s path to recognize and use God-given talents.

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Guidebook for Assisted Living Facilities and Senior Service Providers

Guidebook for Assisted Living Facilities and Senior Service Providers

This guidebook is a tool for individuals and small businesses that plan to or already offer services to the senior population in a facility or alternative setting. This 156 pages includes guidance on:

  • Assisted Living - Senior Services 101
  • Organization
  • Business Operations & Records
  • Personnel Policies
    • Hiring Practices
    • Facility Environment
    • Food Service
    • Resident Health Records
    • Resident Personal Care Services
    • Compliance Inspections

This guidebook is written to provide concepts, policies, and procedures for successful operation of assisted living and other senior care services. Included is a CD (in Microsoft Word format) with sample policies and procedures to be edited by the individual provider.

Unlike many similar publications for assisted living and senior care, which mostly emphasize marketing and profit, this guidebook reminds you to take care of your customers first by supporting your staff.

Joan has experience as staff nurse, director of nursing service, administrator, developer, trainer, administrator of the South Dakota Survey Agency, and consultant for a variety of health care providers and service organizations.

Personnel Policies

  • 41-page personnel policy
  • 8 forms
  • 20 sample job descriptions

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