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by Joan Bachman

The U.S. federal government was organized to be of/for “We the People”. To make that true, “We the People” must be involved at some level. We must either express our needs and wants to the individuals elected to represent us, or we can choose to run for elected office or serve on committees. We should accept responsibility to help design the country we want this to be.

Facebook, Twitter, and other digital media programs provide a platform for people to share beliefs and opinions about anything and everything, whether fact or fiction – with each other, not with someone who decides policy. These social media outlets have become an accepted form of describing personal interpretation of how the government IS working or how the government SHOULD work. Of late, too much of that information is lacking in fact, so would result in poor policy if used. Almost never does someone present a reasonable solution to a perceived problem.

As “We the People”, let’s each make a promise to ourselves to contact our local, state, and federal officials with the facts of what is bothering us and a suggested solution. Let your communication be based on fact rather than on some of the crazy theories and reports that are posted on social media. Do your own research into the source and truth of information you use as the basis for your communication in any form. Email to an elected official takes just a few minutes and can be done at your convenience.

Together we can pull the country back together by offering solutions rather than only promoting problems.

About the Author

Joan Bachman

Joan Bachman is a Registered Nurse, Licensed Nursing Home Administrator, Registered Health Information Technician, and Faith Community Nurse. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. Joan has experience as a Nurse, Administrator, Developer, Trainer, Grant Writer, and served as Administrator of SD State Survey Agency. She has consulted with health care facilities and nonprofit organizations and presented leadership training. Joan is the author of Guidebook for Assisted Living Facilities and Senior Service Providers and Guidebook for Physician Services in the Nursing Facility, and she has published in professional journals.

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