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Meet Joan

Joan Bachmann

Joan Bachman is a Registered Nurse (ret), Licensed Nursing Home Administrator (ret), Registered Health Information Technician (ret), and Parish Nurse.  She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. Joan has experience as a Nurse, Administrator, Developer, Trainer, Grant Writer, and served as Administrator of SD State Survey Agency. She has consulted with health care facilities and nonprofit organizations and presented leadership training. Joan is the author of Guidebook for Assisted Living Facilities and Senior Service Providers and Guidebook for Physician Services in the Nursing Facility, and she has published in professional journals.

Joan began life on a small diversified farm in North Dakota, attending a one-room rural elementary school. Her long career has afforded a broad range of learning by doing. Joan is a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. She is active in her church and community with special interest in substance abuse and homelessness.

Professional Experience

  • Leadership positions with independent and corporate acute and long term care facilities, responsible for management, compliance, strategic planning, and community relations
  • Participated in planning and oversight of construction projects for replacement of facilities and renovation of existing facilities
  • Initiated projects including initial certification of hospital, nursing home, and rural health clinic; licensure of motel rooms in empty hospital space; consolidated business functions for co-located facilities; Acted as both consultant and committee member for start-up of new nonprofit service organizations
  • Designed, managed, and instructed orientation, in-service, and professional training programs for staff and volunteers; Developed and offered patient education programs to improve outcomes for patients; Developed and offered training programs for professionals for organizational effectiveness
  • Prepared and submitted grant applications to help organizations receive government and private grants for new and continuing projects
  • Organizational Consultant for health facilities and service groups
  • Administered South Dakota Office of Health Care Facility Licensure & Certification, the agency responsible for State licensure and Federal certification of health care facilities, nurse aide training and registry, CLIA, radiography, and controlled substance registration
  • Participated in developing and presenting administrative rules and state policy for health care facilities in State of South Dakota
  • Received the Distinguished State Official Award from the South Dakota Association of Healthcare Organizations (SDAHO)
  • Volunteer with efforts to end inequity and poverty.